New team member; Medical Advisor Drianë Krasniqi!

Drianë Krasniqi (27) is based in Kosovo and is a Medical Doctor aspiring to be a neurologist. One of her personal dreams is to develop affordable technology solutions that are easy to use for people at home or in a medical environment. To make her dream come true, she joined forces with SPRIGS as a medical advisor, making medical terminology more understandable to designers, inventors, and engineers.

Besides her passion for medical technology, she enjoys working with patients at the hospital, where she acts as a General Practitioner.

Medical Advisor responsibilities:

  • A crucial role within the biotech and medical device company;
  • A significant contribution towards the evaluation, critiquing, and communication of important medical/scientific information related to a company's products;
  • Assisting in clinical research teams and often help training and supporting;
  • Work closely with regulatory affairs, clinical operations, medical writing, and other departments in the company;

Drianë also works closely with the medical information teams to ensure that information about all the company's products is available and current and participates in local and international meetings to share expertise and represent SPRIGS.