Sales App for Novo Nordisk Europe

Novo Nordisk Europe chose SPRIGS to develop an app for all EU countries that makes it possible for Medical representatives to make orders in real time and ensures that orders are automatically processed for delivery to their doctor practices. SPRIGS is developing a made to measure app for each individual country, because goals and needs differ for every country.

Anathema – Technology for ageless sexual health

New AAL project Anathema kicks off with a debate on the use of digital technology to promote sexual health in adults 55+. SPRIGS on the other hand will provide a standalone application for self-guided sexual health promotion. Unlike traditional sexual health interventions, Anathema increases patients’ adherence and access to the intervention by harnessing advantages of mobile devices and interaction design for individuals and couples.

No place for sex trafficking

Sex trafficking happens everywhere in the world, even though many people think that sexual exploitation mainly takes place in poor/underdeveloped countries. For example, in the Netherlands, the legalization of prostitution creates a safe environment for people who freely choose to become sex workers. However, most sex workers are exploited by traffickers (also known as ‘pimps’ or ‘loverboys’) and/or larger criminal organizations, who earn vast amounts of money from these severe violations of human rights.

Eerste Kamer 360⁰ Virtual Tour

SPRIGS developed a 360⁰ Virtual Tour for the Senate of the States-General. Due to the planned renovation of the Binnenhof, the rooms and halls of the Senate will not be accessible for quite some time. This virtual tour shows you around.


There are yachts and there are Feadships. SPRIGS developed an interactive tool for the worldwide yacht shows where Feadship presents itself.

Airborne Stories

Put your ears in and follow the listening route through the center of Arnhem. Listen to exciting stories about the famous Battle of 1944. What do you see now, and how was it then? You can experience the Battle for youth, as a citizen of Arnhem or as (English and German) military. The app works with GPS, from location to location you get dragged into the story. Look at the Battle of Arnhem differently ... by listening!

Zonnepanelendelen Mockup


The sun gives us every hour more energy than we use in one year on earth. This iPhone app lets you see in real time the power generated by your solar panels.

Creative Cowboys Films Mockup

Creative Cowboys Films

Creative cowboy films, a global new media broadcaster in film and publishing, with viewers around the globe, make documentaries and publish blogs, e-books and e-magazines about art and culture and nature. Creative cowboy films works in some of the remotest places on earth and with some of the world’s most significant artists.

Project Network Mockup

Project Network

Reframing Studio was nominated for the Dutch Design Awards for Project Network, SPRIGS build the iOS, Android app and back end. Maintaining your social network sometimes requires a little extra effort. Project Network challenges you to actively participate with a number of people in your social network.

Sailum Mockup


Through Sailum, you can get in touch with other sailors and rent their boat, rent out your own boat, or temporarily swap boats! This offers everyone the option to have a unique, low cost holiday: members with a boat can try something else or make some money on their boat, members without a boat can rent unique boats in cool locations. Sailum offers you the opportunity to get in touch with others and check out their boats and skills, offering a safe and friendly way to exchange boats. Together with Sailum you are opening up a whole new world of sailing experiences!

Allard Pierson

In the Allard Pierson, the collections of the University of Amsterdam are shared with the public and science.

From Egyptian antiquities to Blaeu atlases and from medieval manuscripts to today's graphic design

Verhuisdieren Mockup


The goal of the foundation is to take care of putting pets in to new homes. Also they provide help with finding people that can take care of pets so the pets can stay at their original home. The foundation tries to reach its goal by using a unique selection model to find the right match for the animal that is in need of a new home.

Emoreco Mockup


EmoReco is a project that SPRIGS developed together with the University of Amsterdam. It is an app that helps people to train their skills in recognising emotions. Its a fun and easy way to test yourself and train yourself in recognising emotions. The app also provides extra information about emotions and emotion development.

LACO Mockup


SEO optimized web site together with NEWCRAFT and S&D Interactive Media

SPRIGS build a SEO optimized web site together with NEWCRAFT and S&D Interactive Media. LACO now ranks number one in 75 search results and is in the top 5 with another 225 results at Google. It now outranks it competitors by far.


Tellart creates interactive objects, immersive spaces and digital experiences for brands, museums and multi-national companies.