Software Prototyping Services

Prototyping and Design Implementation

After gathering and analyzing information about your business, your clients, products, and industry we now hold sessions to identify and pinch key features that hold more weight and need prioritization. We seek to understand how the design is in alignment with the target product and the audience. The process goes through trial and error game where all features are converted into prototypes. Here we are able to grasp how our final product will look like
It is, however, important to understand that information from prototype testing is invaluable during field interviews and other experiments to understand what is favorable for the users. We are aware that prototypes are different models but what is common to this in that they provide speculations of what is to be. After analyzing the whole process, we identify the components that strongly fit in, as well as those that require some improvement. Later the whole process of creating the final product continues.

UX/UI Evaluation

In this process, we evaluate the interaction of the design and the product to identify errors and any arising opportunities. It is regrettable to not recognize any speculated crackdowns during development process as they might affect the product in the middle of the journey and may cause a lot of losses. We at SPRIGS understand that mistakes can be prevented if care and time are taken during development stages.
We, therefore, conduct workshops sessions with product users and all product stakeholders so as to gather all necessary information to ensure there is inclusivity of all audiences as we develop and design the user experience and interface to align with your wants and their demands. We concentrate at cutting across all demographics, location, down to purchasing habits and all other metrics to ensure that we offer you optimal satisfaction as well as your product.

Integration and Intuitive Designs

In this stage, we settle to deal and implement all purposeful components and prototypes of your brand. We tend to answer how technically and aesthetically your products components operate through interactive interviews and one on one workshops. Springs goal in building these designs is to ensure that they capture the expanded market standards and that your clients clearly have an easy and a safe mode of consuming your products.
We concentrate on features such as Wireframes, Navigation and UX flow, information, architecture, human tech interaction formulas, as well as definition and features prioritization. Our destiny is to close the difference the available critical and logical ideas and the products when developing our designs.

Product Identity

This stage is the most crucial. It’s the place where development process is destined to bringing life to the product through visual elements. The goal of this step is your themes provide your clients with a grasping impression that holds hostage all their attention. Some of the components necessary in ensuring success to this include; color schemes, typography, visual themes, icons, screen renderings, as well as graphic user interface features.
SPRIGS have the most outstanding experts who have the technical know-how and who will ensure that all your needs are captured throughout the designing stages. We will also ensure that we impose eye-catching visuals that align with your future strategies, platforms, and faces which cut across through all browsing traditions to modern mobile applications. Our main concern is your cooperation such that if all the stages are well fed the implementation process begins immediately

Primary and Technical Designing

Our development process comes to an end it this stage having exhausted all the required features and information. We understand that a promising UX/UI is the defining factor of your product. For this reason, we ensure that all your computer engineers are well informed about the developed user interface and experience. We ensure that there is a joint and an inclusive interaction during this developing stage. Our technicians are well informed in a variety of platforms and systems such as technology platform selection, hardware and software integration, testing and quality assurance and application development and will ensure that there is a smooth operation transfer, training and support always to ensure you bloom as flowers blossom during springs.


SPRIGS is dedicated to offering all satisfactory services that will enable you to carry out activities professionally. To make sure that our services are up to the standards, we give you a chance to have an experience or a taste of your main project. We formulate a prototype that gives you an exact interaction experience of the product we intend to offer to you. You get a chance to evaluate and give feedbacks about our products. It means we make sure you first test our products before you prove or use them.

We have realized that there are various reasons why prototyping is important to our customers and why it is a must-have service from SPRIGS. The main reasons why we recommend prototyping is because it helps in discovering unseen obstacles which most of the times hinder a full implementation of a product. The prototype assists the customer with an ultimate understanding of its visuals, interface, and functionality. By so doing we make sure we have given the customer a chance to detect undesirable issues and recommend changes accordingly. The process makes sure there is time to polish our products resulting in credible products.

What we do

We come in and offer you various opportunities and services to make sure the prototype looks into all factors that might require changes. Some of the facilities we offer are as follows. Firstly, we provide a clickable wireframe which helps in checking functionality.The wireframe makes sure the prototype is able to test your software or application by subjecting it to data samples through the application of various scenarios. The clickable wireframe assists in checking the system functionality to see hidden obstacles.

Secondly, we offer sketches or static mockups which help the customer to achieve full compliance with his or her vision. It is achieved by creating a static application model which is in line with the specification of the customer to ensure all requirements are incorporated and acknowledged. Thirdly, we offer design interface which helps our customers to have a feeling and a look of the product they are going to purchase.

What we deliver

a) Specification

After enlightening our customers on why a prototype is important and what we offer we dedicate ourselves to serving them by delivering the best services you can ever experience. The following are the services we deliver to you at any time you require them. Firstly, we deliver detailed specification of your future project to make sure all the elements are in place. We have a dedicated and quality assurance team that makes sure you are guaranteed of an excellent documentation. In case you do have a detailed requirement and specifications for your future website and application or in any case you have a doubt of your current prototype our transition will automatically assist you to build it from scratch or carry out a survey of the current one to make sure it matches your business and technology demands.

b) Static mockups (sketches)

We deliver a static mockups or sketches whose main aim is to make sure there are a cost friendly and time-saving mechanisms for making sure there is no misunderstanding to the development team during the implementation stage. To make sure all hitches are looked at we formulate a statistic model that consists of all major features and concentrate on their functionality.
We recommend one to use mockups in the most sensitive stages which are as follows. First, it is advisable to use the sketch during the initial project-planning phase so that both the parties can have ample time to study how the real project will look like and at the same time be able to recommend on what to remove or add to the project. Secondly, it is important to come up with a prototype as an intermediate iteration for the dynamic prototype or for conceptual design. It allows the business to have a smooth transition from one stage to another. Thirdly, a mockup is suitable for small projects with a simple process. We deliver these types of the prototype to make sure our customers have a substitute product especially when they are not in need of a complex system. It also gives the customer an alternative system to use at the development stage of his project before embarking on the actual system. Fourthly, sometimes it is a requirement for an institution or person to have a sketch either as a requirement from the authority or shareholder. We come into the rescue of our customer by designing to them a prototype of their status.

c) Clickable wireframes

It is our responsibility to create wireframes for systems regardless their complexity. We use our profound skills and substantial experience we have gathered in application mechanism and business logic modeling so that we can be able to review and crosscheck important parts of our systems before we can commence our starts. Our wireframe services enable you to enjoy the following opportunities. Firstly, it enables you to visualize the application and website behaviors. One is taken through the actual process of operation and get a chance to observe each and every step. Secondly, it gives the one chance to execute various activities which the system was meant for. It helps to give an assurance to the customer that the final project will work. Thirdly, it gives the user a chance to apply for different user roles. At this stage, it offers a platform to define and understand the roles of the future project. Fourthly, it improves the usability considering there is enough time to practice on how to work with the future projection after implementation. Additionally, it gives a chance to stimulate processes which act as a practical evidence on the effectiveness of the project.

d) Designed interface

After a proper comprehensive analysis of the prototype, our team comes into upscale the systems as recommended to give you the finale product which is in accordance with your taste. At this stage, we give you an opportunity to handle and operate an exact copy of what your future system will look like.
Prototype generation is one of the most important stages in the execution of any activity as it makes sure the right product is delivered after a critical scrutiny. It prevents future failure and conflict which may come as a result of the poor generation of a stem. At the same time, it makes sure everyone is satisfied for our purpose of generating prototypes is to make sure we come with most effective system any one can offer you.