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Mobile Development Services

Mobile Development Services


Organizations and business enterprises have realized the importance of mobile phones in human life. They, therefore, target individuals of interest through these gadgets. They leverage on the ability of smartphones to connect to the internet which was a milestone in the mobile phone development. These organizations keep bombarding people with information through the mobile phones either to provide information about a given event or product. A phone user, on the other hand, cannot resist the urge to read the information received which compels him or her to take action. As if that is not enough business enterprise use phones as a platform to deliver their products to the potential customers. This is because these businesses are aware that with a smartphone one can do online shopping as well as the actual shopping and pay through the same gadget.


SPRIGS acknowledges that a mobile phone cannot operate without various applications. These applications are the tools that allow communication to take place and also enable one to interact with his phone in different ways. Can you imagine a mobile phone without a messaging app or calling software? Definitely, it will be a useless gadget. In that regards it is our business to provide mobile phone solutions and ensure that these vital gadgets are working appropriately. We work to ensure that organizations communicate effectively with their esteemed customers and vice versa. At SPRIGS we ensure that the targeted audiences are well supplied with information, and there is feedback provided in such scenario. We simplify the life of the target customers and organization by ensuring they interact in the best way possible. A business does not need to meet the clients physically because our mobile solutions allow room for virtual interactions to take place. Additionally, these solutions save individuals time because they do not need to move out of their houses to visit any organization. Further, our mobile solutions are not only limited to business operations because we offer entertainment applications for the phones. They are pocket-friendly applications whose experience and importance surpasses the costs. Moreover, the solutions go beyond the entertainment application to include those applications which help in simplifying the life of an individual.


Our main aim is to make sure smartphones increases engagement, brand recognition, customer loyalty, an efficiency which is achieved by the cutting-edge research we carry on, design, and quality assurance. Some of the areas we concentrate on are a business application, mobile analytics applications, push notification and CMS mobile content management system. Our services give you a go-ahead to apply mobile phones in project management, remote email checking and collaboration, timesheet recording, sale automation, logistics, tracking and inventory management, website design in the standard of the mobile phones, field survey, market research and data entry and faster mobile access, among others.


In our mobile development endeavors, we realize that it is important for any software and applications to be secure, reliable and meet the set standards. Irrespective of the complexity, we try to meet the needs of the customers by offering mobile solutions that are compatible with the iOS and Android systems. This is made possible by having a team of able project leaders and analysts plus technical experts in software engineering who are able to deliver mobile applications that are beyond the expectations of the customers.


iOS Applications Development


Our company contents that Mobile devices that utilize iOS such as iPad and iPhone dominate the computing market. There is an impressive growth of Applications in the Apple App Store. Despite the existence of these apps, the users need to be more engaged with state-of-art technologies. We have realized this need, and therefore we keep on coming up with new mobile applications that can enable Apple product users to have a positive experience with their gadgets. These mobile applications offer different solutions to people and organization to carry out different tasks. Our team of engineers and experts works closely with the customers and also incorporate research and development to ensure the best solution is offered.


Android Applications Development


Android is a world leader in offering operating systems for mobile devices including tablets. Therefore our business aims at improving the lives of the Android users by providing applications and software for personal and business use. Some of the solutions we offer include games applications, social apps, and business apps. Our business apps cut across all sectors including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and culture. We first carry out a market research that informs our research and development team what the Android users needs. A team of experts and software engineers then work collaboratively with the research and development team to come up with the best mobile solutions.


SPRIGS Mobile Solution Development success


Our mobile solutions are informed by market research which helps to reveal the customer’s needs. We use agile and low-risk development methodologies that guarantee success. The solutions offered should be able to edge out any form of competition and withstand market disruptions. The project team is always guided by a culture of incremental software development that is in tandem with the market needs. Transparency is also crucial to process of application development as we keep the clients informed of the progress of their projects.