Museum Arnhem Opening

The Museum Arnhem is renovating and expanding. A new wing will be built in the museum building from which you will soon be able to enjoy a beautiful view of Arnhem and the floodplain landscape. Benthem Crouwel Architects design the new wing. The design includes a thorough renovation and renewal of the current building; originally a men's club from 1873 and later used as a museum – and the museum will have a new wing that will be built on the cellar in the moraine and which will then be extended towards the Rhine.

There will be a museum with art in the building, but what it is also making is architecture. Museum Arnhem likes to show that to people too and hopes it inspires more young people to choose the fantastic profession that we practice.

An important element of the new museum will be the interactive aspect developed by SPRIGS: An interface connected to the museum database which can interact with visitors, lead the visitor through the collection, and connect to that collection on prevalence, thoughts, and feelings.

The renovated museum is expected to open in the spring of 2022!