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About us

At the beginning of the project we think about what the end-user expects of a web site or app from your company or organisation. This is the key. Our colleagues, Jens, Kreshnik, Lavdim and Afron are in charge of the team & project management who directly communicate with you. SPRIGS is a technical company that builds robust high-performance applications for web and mobile, We develop scalable back-ends, clear front-ends for web sites and multi-platform mobile apps connected by handcrafted API’s.

Doing it right

Our team consists of iOS, Android, back-end, front-end developers, interaction designers and graphic designers. We have an in-house training program that identifies top talents, and the best ones are offered a job at SPRIGS.

Just as SPRIGS helps flowers blossom, we help businesses bloom. We have a strong opinion about design and usability. Design is successful when it’s to the point, logical, consistent and providing the best user experience. SPRIGS helps with creating insightful interaction designs and stunning visual designs.

Our vision is for you to be successful with our work.

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