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About us

SPRIGS is a team of multidisciplinary, digital product experts focused on branding, UI/UX-design, mobile and web development. We work together with design, development and marketing departments of start-ups and design agencies, as well as international companies. We operate from three locations and are a team of 14 people. We only work with a few customers at a time.

Doing it right

We have clear ideas about design and user-friendliness. A good product is successful when it is clear, logical and consistent, and provides the best user-friendliness. SPRIGS help to create insightful interaction designs and strong visuals.

Our goal is for you to be successful with our work.

SPRIGS build and design high-performance applications for both web and mobile. We develop scalable back-ends, clear front-ends for websites and multiplatform mobile applications, connected by tailored APIs. We have an intensive training programme that attracts top talents who can develop their skills with us.

Our goal is for our employees to be successful

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