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We are a purpose-driven and human-centered company specialized in data-driven technology. User involvement and research are essential aspects of our innovation processes as it ensures sustainable outcomes that improve the lives of people and businesses. SPRIGS operates beyond organizational boundaries in distributed teams with partners, researchers and stakeholders. We aspire for cross-cultural and cross-functional collaborations to support learning and grow our capacity to reach shared goals.


Disrupt art-historical frameworks and place user experiences at the centre.

From Collection to Connection

Open up access to interventions that support ageless sexual health.

Stories & News
Stories & News

Learn together and grow capacity to reach shared goals.

New team member; Medical Advisor Driana Krasniqi!

Drianë Krasniqi is based in Kosovo and is a Medical Doctor aspiring to be a neurologist. Her personal dream is to develop affordable technology solutions that are easy to use for people at home or in a medical environment.


Anathema Kick Off

Webinar brought together international experts to launch the Anathema project.